The Seclusion Door - Stafford Bridge Doors
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The SECLUSION ROOM doorset has been designed and developed in conjunction with nursing staff and management of secure units and special hospitals to provide a bespoke security solution in this unique environment.  They have been successfully installed in facilities across the United Kingdom for a number of years, providing the requisite levels of safety and security whilst accommodating a wide variety of operational requirements.

CONFIGURATION - Stores Issue doorsets can be provided inward or outward opening, as either a single leaf with an in-built hinged serving hatch, or a stable type door with a shelf or counter to the lower leaf. 

FINISHES - Stores Issue doorsets can be supplied primed, spray finished, or powder coated to any BS or RAL colour.

PERFORMANCE - Seclusion Room doors can also be certified to provide: FD30 fire resistance.

VISION PANELS - Standard slot style vision panels can be provided, glazed in either polycarbonate, or poly/glass/poly (for fire doors).  Other designs can be accommodated to suit specific requirements, including proprietary privacy panels.

LOCKING - Doors are generally secured with either a high security hookbolt lock, or security deadlock with key entry both sides. Hatches and stable leaves are secured from the inside only with Surelock TD barrel bolts.

Entry Options Include:

Key - via tested and approved cylinder
Access Control - via 12V, 24V or 50V solenoid lock for connection by others to remote access control system
? Hostage Prevention - via tested and approved cylinder
 WC Privacy Bolt - including patient anti-ligature lever handle, and external staff override by means of a removable T-key

WC Privacy Bolt with external
staff override